A New Beginning

And so the story begins…It is on this hot July evening that I have decided to make my internal dialogue public. I am nervous and, at the same time, excited at the opportunity to share my thoughts with the rest of the world.

It is probably the anxiety from the approaching U.S. presidential election, the nasty discourse raging in the virtual world, the negative public reception of the Health Care Reform and the recent Supreme Court’s decision to make it permanent,  the apathetic pedestrians on the nearly empty Chico streets, the global warming deniers, the feeling of isolation in an American mid-size city that made me want to start a blog.

Whatever the motives I hope this journey would lead me to new discoveries about myself, about society and humanity as a whole. I hope you would share your own thoughts on the subjects that would be discussed here. A new dialogue would then emerge to uplift our spirits.

Thank you for listening.


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